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New Collection
Hojicha Burst

IMG_2928 (4672)HCB spalted m body rev
IMG_2932 (4674)HCB popup rev
IMG_2929 HCB Jumbo stainless fret CFS
IMG_4675 EOS HCB PU rev
IMG_2953 HCB 5way lever switch switching system
IMG_2939 HCB gotoh magnum lock head tuner
IMG_2960 HCB roasted maple neck





Made in Japan by FUJIGEN

since 1960


BODY : Spalted Maple Top
''Thick & Book-matched''
on Alder Body


NECK : 1pc Roasted Maple U-Shape 
with Luminous Side Dots

FINGERBOARD : Roasted Maple ''Rolled Edge''
(250-350 mmR Compound Radius)

FRETS : 22F Jumbo Stainless Steel  
Rounded / Hand-filed Xpert Fret Edge Treatment 
(C.F.S / Circle Fretting System)

SCALE : 25.5" (648mm)

PICKUPS : Original FGN
Custom Made in Japan

Neck : OS-2n (Alnico 5)
Center : OS-2rw (Alnico 5)
Bridge : XPERT-Hf (Alnico 4)


CONTROLS : 1Vol, 1Tone, 5Way Lever SW,
with Bridge Kill Switch

TUNERS : Gotoh SG381-07 MG-T  
Magnum Lock
with FGN Three String Tree


BRIDGE : Gotoh 510TS-FE1


FINISH : Gloss 

COLOR : HCB (Hojicha Burst)

STRINGS : D'Addario EXL110 (.010-.046) 

ACCESSORIES : Original Hard Case

                    Fret Guard

                    Set-up Keys 


Circle Fretting System

All FGN guitars and basses come with a unique Circle Fretting System (C.F.S.). It was created by FGN based on an idea to offer better pitch and articulation than conventional guitars and basses. All frets are installed on fingerboard in slightly curved shape, so that every string crosses all the frets in 90 degrees, i.e. to offer a minimum contact of string on a fret, and it makes the scale length of every string even while it actually varies on conventional fretting. The C.F.S. is a solution of fretting on a traditional guitar and bass and it offers clearer articulation and tones which give dimension when you play a cord and also cut through the mix when you play single notes.


*The frets we use aren't special. You can ask your nearest repair shop to hit them from the edge of the fingerboard when refret.

Low setting set up / Effortless Playability

FGN's unique and original neck-joint system improves the overall resonance of the guitar. The angle of the neck and body joint is a critical factor in the set-up of a stringed instrument. While string height is adjustable at the bridge, FGN's neck-joint system not only improves the overall resonance of the guitar it also supports extra low string action.

Gotoh 510TS Bridge

The combination of the 510TS and Low Setting Set up makes clean sound and tight vintage tensions for all guitar players.

5-way lever with "Bridge pickup Kill switch" switching system to offer a variety of tonal options and an effect.


Roasted maple neck and Moonsault heel cutaway joint to offer stress-free high fret access.

Neck joint and plate are beautifully contoured.

Luminous side dots to glow on the dark stage. 

Rolled edge fingerboard with Jumbo Stainless frets & Xpert fret edge treatment

FGN craftsmen are meticulous in ensuring fret edges are rounded to perfection for a smooth feel on the neck. Position changes are seamless and the aesthetic is flawless.

FGN original pickups - Custom Made in Japan

Designed by Fujigen R&D section and manufactured by Japanese pickup craftsmen who have long experience and great skills. For single pickup, it's used Alnico 5 magnets. The sound is like the mixture of vintage tone in 1960 and modern powerful sustain. We cut the high-tone frequency which has harsh sounds to the ear, and boosted mid-high power range. Besides, it gives a very quick picking response and very useful for blues, fusion, rock, and shred style guitar players. For humbucker pickup, it's used Alnico 4 magnets. The sound is like relatively powerful in low-mid range and goes quite well with our FGN orignal single pickups above mentioned. It also reprises vintage bright and very unique fat sustain tones.

Compound Radius

FGN employs a specific "Compound Radius" ratio on the fingerboard, representing advanced fingerboard technology. The neck radius gradually increases over the finger board's length, starting out rounded near the headstock and flattening out toward the neck joint. A diameter of 250mm (10") was selected for the radius at the nut for optimal comfort and grip for chords. A 350mm (14") radius at the heel has proven to be ideal in eliminating any unwanted buzz of string bending that may be caused by over-tightened fingerboard radius traditionally countered by high string action. The Compound Radius affords comfortable and easy bends even with string action below 1.9mm and ensures smooth fingering when playing solo passages high on the neck, while allowing for much easier chord playing at lower frets.

compound radius.jpg
IMG_2929 HCB Jumbo stainless fret CFS.jpg
IMG_2960 HCB roasted maple neck.jpg
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