technology and special features


''New Modern Electric Bass''

with super tight tention and clear tone and powerful low EQ sound.

1 - Circle Fretting System 

Slightly curved frets mounted on the fingerboard are quite useful to enhance pitch accuracy, longer sustain, and true harmonics.

*The frets we use aren't special. You can ask your nearest repair shop to hit them from the edge of the fingerboard when refret.

2 - Fret Edge

FGN craftsmen are meticulous in ensuring fret edges are rounded to perfection for a smooth feel on the neck. Position changes are seamless and the aesthetic is flawless. FUJIGEN craftsman's handmade fret edge contributes to much smoother fingering.

3 - FGBB (2-way adjustable bridge)

2-Way adjustable Bridge has two ways of string-guide holes, String-Through-Body style and Stop-Tail style. While we'll apply the String-Through-Body style, we can feel super strong and tight sounds and amazing resonance even with the light gauge strings.

4 - Tone Pot w/Series Switch

Push/Pull Pallarel/Series SW is installed on tone pot.