''The next generation of set-in-neck guitar''

to make appropriate adjustments at all kinds of music.




1 - Circle Fretting System (C.F.S.)

Slightly curved frets are mounted as each string and fret intersect at right angles to minimize the contact surface.
You can obtain accurate pitch, cleaner longer sustain and true harmonics.


*The frets we use aren't special. You can ask your nearest repair shop to hit them from the edge of the fingerboard when refret.


2 - Natural Satin Finish Neck Back

Many people said the neck coated with gloss finish is very slippery and very difficult to hold it from sweating. We finally developed FGN original natural satin finish and it can make you feel very smooth and comfortable like the illusion of touching the natural wood. The original neck finish can improve your playability and the resonance from the neck to the body material.  

3 - Fret Edge

FGN craftsmen are meticulous in ensuring fret ranges are rounded to perfection for a smooth feel on the neck. Position changes are seamless and aesthetic is flawless. 

4 - Smooth Heel Neck Joint (Expert)

Where most set-in neck guitars have a bulky, awkward heel, the FGN features a beautifully contoured neck joint to facilitate easy access to high register playing. Fearlessly cut neck joint without steps allows you to access higher frets easily.

5 - Z Axis Deep Joint (Expert)

FGN has adopted and redeveloped the deep joint on set-in neck guitars to optimize the junction ares of the neck and body and increase overall guitar resonance. By setting neck about 1mm deeper than conventional electric guitars, we succeed to reduce the distance between the strings and the body top without forcibly lowering the strings height.

6 - Effortless Playability Low Setting Set Up (L.S.S)

FGN's unique and original neck-joint system improves the overall resonance of the guitar. The angle of the neck and body joint is a critical factor in the set-up of a stringed instrument. While string height is adjustable at the bridge, FGN's neck-joint system not only improves the overall resonance of the guitar it also supports extra low string action.






7 - FGN Original Humbucker (FL)

Designed by Fujigen R&D section and manufactured by Japanese pickup craftsmen who have long experience and great skills. It's used Alnico 2 magnets and wax potted. The sound is like the original vintage P.A.F.s and persistently-mid high powerful sustains. Besides, it gives a very picking response and well-balanced sound between overdrive and clean sounds. 

8 - FJTP (Fujigen Tailpiece)

FGN original new versatile tailpiece "FJTP" has 2-ways of string-guide holes, String-Through-Body style and Stop-Tail style. While we'll apply the String-Through-Body style, we can feel super strong and tight sounds and amazing resonance even with the light gauge strings.


Tone Pot w/Tap Switch (J-Standard)

Push/Pull Tap SW is installed on tone pot.

664mm Neck Scale (JFL-FT-ASH-DE664-M)

FGN original 664mm neck scale realizes exquisite tension, sound and playability even in Drop-C tuning for heavy sound.
*Factory Tuning: Drop-C (1D 2A 3F 4C 5G 6C)