technology and special features




''Multifunctional vintage guitar''

combined old and new technology for rock, blues and fusion style music.

1 - Circle Fretting System

Slightly curved frets mounted on the fingerboard are quite useful to enhance pitch accuracy, longer sustain, and true harmonics.


*The frets we use aren't special. You can ask your nearest repair shop to hit them from the edge of the fingerboard when refret.

2 - Fret Edge

FGN craftsmen are meticulous in ensuring fret edges are rounded to perfection for a smooth feel on the neck. Position changes are seamless and the aesthetic is flawless.

3 - Moonsault Heel Cutaway

The body heel, neck joint and plate are beautifully contoured to facilitate easy access to high register playing.

4 - Compound Radius

FGN employs a specific "Compound Radius" ratio on the fingerboard, representing advanced fingerboard technology. The neck radius gradually increases over the finger board's length, starting out rounded near the headstock and flattening out toward the neck joint. A diameter of 250mm (10") was selected for the radius at the nut for optimal comfort and grip for chords. A 350mm (14") radius at the heel has proven to be ideal in eliminating any unwanted buzz of string bending that may be caused by over-tightened fingerboard radius traditionally countered by high string action. The Compound Radius affords comfortable and easy bends even with string action below 1.9mm and ensures smooth fingering when playing solo passages high on the neck.

5 - Low setting set up (L.S.S)

6 - FGN original pickups (Expert Series)

Designed by Fujigen R&D section and manufactured by Japanese pickup craftsmen who have long experience and great skills. For single pickup, it's used Alnico 5 magnets. The sound is like the mixture of vintage tone in 1960 and modern powerful sustain. We cut the high-tone frequency which has harsh sounds to the ear, and boosted mid-high power range. Besides, it gives a very quick picking response and very useful for blues, fusion, rock, and shred style guitar players. For humbucker pickup, it's used Alnico 2 magnets. The sound is like presistently-mid high powerful tone and goes quite well with our FGN orignal single pickups above mentioned. It also reprises vintage bright and very unique fat sustain tones.

7 - Gotoh 510TS Bridge (Expert Series)

The combination of the 510TS and L.S.S.(5) makes clean sound and tight vintage tensions for all guitar players.

8 - Double Trickey Switch

Neck side SW : Humbucker Direct Out Bridge side SW : Coil Tap Function The mini toggle switch mounted between the volume and tone control knobs allowes for split-coil and direct-out on the bridge humbucker. With the coil tap switch(bridge side), spanning the gap between a more distorted humbucker or a clean sounding single-coil tone. With the direct-out switch(neck side), you'll always leave it if you'd like to to keep playing with a powerful distortion sound.