technology and special features

The modified versions of some historical guitar brands, FGN J(Japan)-Standard series provides a greater range of potential and playability to fit for the modern age and all kinds of musicians who require new original design and special modified features.
We reviewed old design concepts according to our long experience and created the J-Standard series with high quality parts and wood materials carefully selected by our craftmen from FUJIGEN, Japan.

1 - Circle Fretting System 

Slightly curved frets mounted on the fingerboard are quite useful to enhance pitch accuracy, longer sustain, and true harmonics.

*The frets we use aren't special. You can ask your nearest repair shop to hit them from the edge of the fingerboard when refret.

2 - Natural Satin Neck
Many people said the neck coated with gloss finish is very slippery and very difficult to hold it from sweating. 
We finally developed FGN original natural satin finish and it can make you feel very smooth and comfortable like the illusion of touching the natural wood. 

The original neck finish can improve your playability and the resonance from the neck to the body material.

3 - J-Standard Smooth Fret Edge

FGN craftmen are meticulous in ensuring J-Standard Smooth Fret Edges are rounded to perfection for a smooth feel on the neck, Position changes are seamless and the aesthetic is flawless.

4 - 3&6 saddle-bridge (JIL)

We set up with vintage 3-saddle "Ash Tray" style bridge and 6-saddle bridge depending on all musician's intended use.
All bridge have adjustable saddle for string height, radius, and intonation.

5 - Coil Tap Switch (JOS)

With the coil tap switch between the volume and tone control knob allows for split-coil tap on the bridge humbucker.

6 - FJTP (JFL / JMY-R / JMY7-R)

"FJTP" String-Through-Body Stile makes you feel amazing strong sounds and great resonance from all sides of the whole body through the interface between bridge + FJTP parts and body wood material.

7 - 2-Way Adjustable Bridge (JMJ)

2-Way adjuntable Bridge has two ways of string-guide holes, String-Through-Body style and Stop-Tail style. 
While we'll apply the String-Through-Body style, we can feel super strong and tight sounds and amazing resonance even with the light gauge strings.